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Nov 13, 2009 5:30pm EST
>>> tonight on "rldfocus" -- >>> preside obama in jan. the chging relationship of an assertive,ew japanese leader stes outis ground. >>> wi jobs in thebalance, the british gornment tries to deal with arowing backlash over immigtion. > pakistan unr atta. th latestdeadlybombing shows that not en the cntry's spy agency issafe. >>> how acountry richin culture d history is gog afte tourist welme to iraq. >>> from the worls leadin reporters and anysts here' what's hpening around the world. this is "wldfocus."uc=cíz major supporhas been provided by rosli p. walter and the peter g. petern foundation, dedicated to proting fiscal respsibility and addressing key economic challenges fang amica's future. additional funng is provided by theollowing supporters >>> held sloe good evening. i'm daljit aliwal. when president obama arrived in japa today on the fit stop of his first trip to asia, heame ce to face with a man not unlike himself. a new leader wh swept into office on a prome ochange. includinasserting greater independce in dealing with the united states. prime minist yukio hatoyoma s
Nov 21, 2009 7:00pm EST
for you? >> and now "bbc world news." ♪ >> this week's headlines, president obama taking a tour of asia hoping to secure a partnership with china, the world's next superpower. after being sworn in for a second term, the president says afghan forces will take control of security in five years. the australian prime minister says sorry to some australians. and stargazing in europe. ♪ hello and welcome to this week's review of the major stores around the world. this week president obama went on a tour of asia showing how important washington feels it is to build relationships. he met in singapore. he used the occasion to make a personal appeal for the release of a leader. they raised the issue directly with a general. >> a year ago, this image would have been unimaginable. the president of the united states in the same room at the same time as a member of the burmese military government. a sign the new policy of engagement with the region in general. an opportunity for barack obama to call for the release of the democracy leader in burmese. that demand was not reflected in the initial sta
FOX News
Nov 18, 2009 12:03am EST
the iran hostage crisis. dick cheney is not backing down, he slams president obama for protecting weakness in asia. all of that plus dana perino, call rove, and our great american panel. sean: president obama's radical policies are working like imagine nick one -- like magic in one sense. poll numbers plummeting among independents since last month. 45%, down from 52 ers% in october. -- from 52% in october. if you keep this up the republicans will thank you nor paving way for big victories in 2010. dana perino a sean: for me personally, this is a bit degrading. newsweek should be more policy oriented, more substance oriented. sean: they used it for a specific purpose to feature well-known runners and promote fitness amongst its readers. "runner's world," said that they did not give the image. it was provided by the photographers stock agency without the knowledge or permission of runner's world. it is standard practice for them to strike images that have appeared on other magazines. joining us is dana perino and stuart varney. she said that the out of context newsweek approach is sexist. >>
FOX News
Nov 17, 2009 6:00pm EST
report in tonight's "on the job hunt" segment. >> with president obama overseas, his white house has come under attack here at home, after publishing data from recipients of stimulus package money who turn out to have exaggerated, inflated or just plain lied about the number of jobs they have create or saved with that money. >> when you put up information that turns out to be inaccurate, you shouldn't be surprised if the public says hey, do they know what they're doing. >> david obey called the faults posted on and said the obama administration owes the country honest numbers. a republican on the same committee went even further. >> i think they ought to fire people responsible for reporting on the impact of the stimulus program, and they ought to have a peer review third-party independent accounting firm do all the reporting for them. >> the associated press and newspapers in 8 states, massachusetts, wisconsin, colorado, georgia, texas, pennsylvania, illinois and michigan, have all identified multiple cases where recipients of stimulus money made false claims to have created
FOX News
Nov 17, 2009 9:00pm EST
words for president barack obama. let's take a look. >> barack obama. on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, where do you rate barack obama? >> a four. a four, i think there are a lot of decisions being made that i and probably the majority of americans are not impressed with right now. our economy is not being put on the right track and i question too some of the dithering and hesitation with some of our national security questions that have got to be answered for our country. so a four. sean: governor palin will be here for the full hour tomorrow night. it will be her very first cable interview since the release of her book. and joining me with analysis on the governor's appearance on g.m.a. is the author of "what americans really want, really, really, really." we have pollster and president of the war doctors, frank luntz. >> i'm looking at that clip. abc cut as close as they could to her. that's a trick that 60 minutes discovered. the closer they get to you, the more likely that people are going to distrust you. they know that and they cut in to make her look less effective and
Nov 19, 2009 5:30pm EST
>>> tonight on "worldfus" -- >> as wraps up his visit to asia, prident obama talks toughabout north korea's nuclear program and issues new warning to iran. >>> in ghanistan, presint karzai is ingurated for a second term. will he makegood on hipromise to root t rampant corption? >>>n our signature stoy, we take you to dided town on the west ba where america settlers say they feel under attack. thpalestinians say they are rced to do witut. >>> and throughout europe toda the talk is all about the world p and a missed ca that h ance celebring and ireland outrag. and the peter g. pet >> from the world's leadg reports and analysts, here's at's happening from around t world. this is orldfocus." major supporhas been provided by rosalind p. walter and the peter g.eterson foundation, dicated to promoting fiscalesponsibility and addressing keyconomic chalnges facing america's future. and addition funding is ovided by the following supporters -- >>> hello and od evening. i'm dalj dhaliwal in new york. presidt obama had a tough new message today foroth north korea and iran, tling them to
Nov 13, 2009 3:05am EST
, president obama is now in japan. while he's there he won't be venturing outside tokyo. >> and that's not what many japanese wanted to hear. especially in the city that has the name the president has. margaret connelly reports from obama city, japan. >> reporter: far from the bustling city of tokyo, a five-hour journey by train is a coastal town along the sea of japan. now famous for its name. from street banners and taxis to obscure souvenirs, this town reaches out to the president from the other side of the world. at obama city hall, the mayor shows us correspondence with the white house. photographs and notes of thanks from the president and michelle for the city's gifts and letters. mayor says it's not a one-way thing. featured on this chocolate cake box along with slogans for world peace. the president and i have the same face, he says, the only difference is the hairstyle. people say we have the same ears. in this port town of 30,000 people fishing has long been the main industry. increasingly the people in this town are cashing in on the obama name. and there's even a place t
Nov 16, 2009 6:00pm EST
. on the newshour this monday, the lead story: president obama in china, where he talked to students about freedom and censorship. >> the more information flows, the stronger the society becomes. >> lehrer: after the other news of the day, we'll have a big picture look at u.s.-china relations, and a sampling of how people in beijing view the american president. then, gwen ifill updates the general motors bankruptcy, as it announces plans to begin paying off its bailout debt to the federal government. elizabeth brackett reports on the debate about oil mined in canada and refined in the u.s. and jeffrey brown talks to author robert edsel about his new book on art that was looted by the nazis in world war ii. major funding for the newshour with jim lehrer is provided by: >> what the world needs now is energy. the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what if that energy came from an energy company? every day, chevron invests $62 million in people, in ideas-- seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world to move us all ahead. this
Nov 25, 2009 5:30pm EST
." >> president obama will go to the climate changed conference in copenhagen with a promise to cut greenhouse gas emissions. israel proposes temporary restrictions on expanding settlements but they don't apply to east jerusalem. the iraq inyearry days before the invasion, now intelligence raises doubts about saddam hussein's program. >> welcome to viewers around the globe. coming up later for you, the recession winners. meet the workers retraining for the new job market. >> my husband and i decided to look at it like this is an opportunity. when in your life do you get to really choose what career past you are following? >> and standing up to the godfather. the island of sicily launches anti-mafia package holidays. >> hello. he will go briefly to the copenhagen climate summit, and today president obama announced the commitments on greenhouse gases he will take with him. he palace pledged to cut carbon emissions by 17% by "20/20." it reverses the policy of the bush administration, and in the current state of american politics, it is risky. it is enough when world leaders meet next month? ad brooks
Nov 13, 2009 7:00pm EST
>>> tonight on "worldfocus" -- >>> president obama in jan. the changing relationship of an assertive, new japanese leader stakes out his ground. >>> with jobs in the balance, the british government tries to deal with a growing backlash over immigration. >>> pakistan under attack. the latest deadly bombing shows that not even the country's spy agency is fe. >>> how a country rich in culture and history is going after tourists. welcome to iraq. >>> from the world's leading reporters and analysts, here's what's happening around the world. this is "worldfocus." major support has been provided by rosind walter and the peter g. peterson foundation, dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. additional funding is provided by the following supporters >>> hello and good evening. i'm daljit dhaliwal. when president obama arrived in japan todaon the first stop of his first trip to asia, he came face to face with a man not unlike himself. a new leader who swept into office on a promise of change. including asserti
Nov 16, 2009 7:00pm EST
. on the newshouthis monday, the lead story: psident obama in china, where he talkedo students aboutreedom and censohip. >> the more iormation flowsthe stronger the society becomes. >> lehrer: after the otr news of the day, we'll have big cture look at u.s.-china retions, and a sampling of how people in beijing view the american psident. then, gwen ill updates the general tors bankruptcy, as it anunces plans to begin paying off its bailout bt to the deral government. elizabethrackett reports on the debate about oil mined cada and refined in the u.s. and jeffrey brown tal to authorobert edsel about his ew book on art that was loot by the nazis in rld war ii. major funding for the wshour with jim lehrer is pvided by: >> what theorld needs now is nergy. the energy tget the economy mming again. the energy to tackle cllenges like clate change. what if that energy me from an energyompany? every day chevron invests $62 millioin people, in ideas-- seing, teaching, building. fuelg growth around e world to moves all ahead. thiis the power of human eney. hevron. d by toyota. and monsanto. d by grant thornton. >>
Nov 26, 2009 1:00pm EST
between elements of the business community willing to support the direction obama is going and the fact is virtually uniform opposition even among republicans in congress while that is occurring? >> 60 votes in the senate, the margins in the house -- let's talk as pollsters. here's what is important -- when you ask people was the stimulus a good idea or bad idea, it was $787 billion. there were some republican ideas that were good ideas and would do more to create jobs that were ignored. in late march, they bought general motors and chrysler. what happened is that back to back in a three day time frame, people said another trillion dollars and for a lot of americans, they said what? the american government owns general motors and chrysler? governments don't own big companies in america. what ruptured? what ruptured is the concern that there is way too much in spending and to be fair, it's not the president's fault. but when you say -- and the combined the billions of dollars, there is one huge massive spending and as a stimulus package. . >> what happens is the republican p
Nov 15, 2009 10:30am EST
obama landed in china this morning. earlier today he covered ground ne goerting a new nuclear agreement with russia. they're working to replace the start to nuclear treaty that expires next month, and the president says things look good. >> in our first meeting when i traveled to moscow, we arrived at an understanding that it made sense for our two countries to begin reducing further our nuclear stockpiles. our negotiators have made excellent progress over the last several months. our goal continues to be to complete the negotiations and be able to sign a deal before the end of the deal. and i'm confident that if we work hard and with a sense of urur jenscy about it, we should be able to get it done. >> the two leaders also talked about iran, obama said time is running fout out for tehran doing something about their nuclear program. >>> president barack obama couldn't bring home the olympics, but he's bringing some tourism to his home state. the united states will host the apec summit in hawaii. >>> some guantanamo bay detainees could be transferred to this prison in northern illinois.
Nov 27, 2009 1:00pm EST
the excitement that surrounded the barack obama election. it is what i took to be a lot of press commentary and outside the press that we had just gone through some kind of watershed, a signal of and. the election of barack obama was unquestionably a special event. it went beyond that pretty went to questions of a major transformation in the party system, people talked about an expected a large surge in the turnout of the election. many americans and academics and commentaries outside academia talked about a decline in the republican base. generally, there was a sense that existed out there that may still be there to some degree that we did not just watch election in which the incumbents were defeated and a new group of the democrats won but rather an election where something, in some sense, transformational happened. in many past elections there is always the story of something special that happened in the election. as an attribute of american politics, we have a penchant of looking elections where something special happens. i decided to take a look at that. i realized it is not an easy th
Nov 19, 2009 7:00am EST
to fall. >> president obama and the south korean president have urged north korea to return to international nuclear negotiations, and return for substantial economic aid. following talks in the south korean capital, mr. obama says the u.s. was ready to support the north if it ended its nuclear weapons program. >> music to a visiting presidents years. after the foreign policy challenges elsewhere on this tour of asia, south korea, the final stop, offered mr. obama a warm welcome and an easy ride. the message was clear. two longstanding allies united against a north korean nuclear threat. ith both leaders expressing restoration that years of disarmament talks have so far come to nothing. >> the thing i want to emphasize is that president lee and i both agreed on the need to break the pattern thahas existed in the past. in which north korea the haines and a provocative fashion -- behaves in a provocative fashion, is than willing to return to talks, and then leaves the talks seeking further concessions and there is never actually any progressn the core issues. >> can this isola
Nov 26, 2009 4:30am EST
how a wealthy washington area couple crashed president obama's first white house state dinner with no ticket at all. >> mr. and mrs. salahi. >> reporter: well-known on the d.c. social register for their activities on the party circuit. how did this husband and wife manage to talk their way into the president's state dinner honoring india's prime minister on it tuesday evening? that's the big question around washington. secret service spokesman ed donovan said the president was never in any danger and that the party crashers went through the same security screening as the more than 300 people who were actually invited to the dinner. but the fact that they made it in at all raises serious questions about security. >> they are totally overloaded. they bow to pressure from the white house or from candidates to just let people in. >> reporter: the salahis posted pictures on their facebook fan page. mooik and he will posed with vice president joe biden, the mayor of washington, d.c. and other dignitaries and stars at the ept. they were in the same room with the president and the fir
Nov 24, 2009 12:00pm EST
. >>> president obama deciding what to do next in afghanistan, but in congress the question is, who's going to pay for it? we'll share your views. >>> and during the holidays paula deen goes whole hog. not always a good thing. see what made the celebrity chef run for cover during a food drive. >>> this is hln "news and views." hello. i'm richelle carey, thanks for your time. >>> something just came into the newsroom. the florida teen set on fire in that vicious attack is getting an apology. 13-year-old jeremy jarvis is the younger brother of one of the three boys charged in that attack last month. the attack on 15-year-old michael brewer who suffered burns ober 6 5% of his body. jeremy and another boy were released after the state declined to press charges. police say he watched what happened. he didn't take part, though. that's what they say. and here's jeremy's statement to reporters a short time ago ichlgts wanted to express my deepest sympathy to mikey and his family. i will pray for mikey stronger every day and for mikey's speedy recovery. i want to tell my brother that i love and miss him. i
FOX News
Nov 2, 2009 10:00pm EST
some political pain on president obama. many people think tomorrow's races on the first test of the obama star power and political power. is that true? karl rove joins us live. karl, i have been tipped off that you have been madly scribbling. what do you have there? >> there is a summary of the races, which i will be happy to show you at the appropriate moment. it is amazing at how they can bring things together in sort of the complex, the labyrinth form here. greta: i cannot resist the tease -- elaborate form here. >> and virginia, there have been nine polls since one week ago, and nine out of nine polls, the republican bob mcdonnell is in the lead. in chris christie, he leads if you averaged them all out by less than 1%, 0.7%, but the movement does to appear to be in his direction. the quinnipiac poll had chris christie down to jon corzine, and today, they released a poll showing him up by two, still a very close race, as you said, in new jersey, and it may come down to the wire. greta: new jersey, new york, and virginia, these are three very important races, are they not ?
Nov 3, 2009 6:00am EST
obama brought out so many more democrats. as far as geography, places like camden, new jersey, new ark, new jersey -- heavily african- american counties. if gov. corzine is turning out strong numbers there and winning by margins of 70/30, he will probably win the election. at the same time, there are a handful of gop leading counties in the state. if you see chris christie, the republican challenger, taking those with over 60%, he may be on his way to victory tonight. the big enchilada is the largest county in new jersey. it is historically a swing county. if chris christie can match or win there, he will win the election. no republican statewide has ever run the race in new jersey without this county. host: what about the impact of the third-party candidate? >> chris daggett, the independent, was taking upwards of 20% in some polls, but he has relief faded in recent weeks. he is back to single digits. in talking to folks here, they're uncertain of what is impact will be. the democrats believe the closer he is to 10%, the better chance to have. corzine is probably not going to get 50%
Nov 8, 2009 10:00am EST
wars and the promise to change washington. what has mr. obama accomplished? joining us, new york times' columnist, david brooks, washington post columnist, e.j. dionne, msnbc's rachel maddow and ed gillespie. >>> and our "meet the press minute," 20 years ago the berlin wall is torn down. tom brokaw is the only journalist from a major news organization to broadcast those world changing events live. today he joins us from the very spot where the wall once stood. >>> but first, 13 dead and more than 30 injured after army psychiatrist major nadal kasan. investigators have concluded that the shooting rampage was not part of a terrorist plot. here this morning to talk about how this tragedy is affecting our troops, we are joined by the chief of staff, general george casey. general, welcome to "meet the press." i want to express my condolences for the fallen troops and their families this morning. >> thank you very much. >> i want to ask you about the investigation, though i know you can't say very much. the key piece "the new york times" is reporting this morning was major hasin acting alone
Nov 12, 2009 6:00pm EST
to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> lehrer: president obama has ordered his top advisers to revise the afghan war options they presented him. that word came today after the top u.s. diplomat in afghanistan warned against sending large new numbers of troops. judy woodruff has our lead story report. >> reporter: the president's call for new troop options came with 68,000 americans already on the ground, and calls for 40,000 more, from commanding general stanley mcchrystal. but the u.s. ambassador, retired lieutenant general karl eikenberry, reportedly has strongly advised against major new deployments until the afghan government confronts widespread corruption. reports of classified cables sent from eikenberry to president obama were splashed across the front pages of major newspapers today. the ambassador's advice seemed to be reflected in a white house statement issued last night. it read: "after years of substantial investments by the american people, governance in afghanistan must improve in a reasonable period of time." news accounts said four proposals were o
Nov 14, 2009 7:00pm EST
obama weighed out the pros and cons in afghanistan he received a big warning against doing so. an elite diplomatic cable ambassador carl iken bree said it would be wrong to send anymore because of the crew coruption in the afghan government. he is a command they are in afghanistan so he knows what he's talking about. >> it is his most agonizing decision to date, whether to send thousands more u.s. troops to afghanistan. where over 800 have already died. in his search for an answer, the president's leaving no stone unturned. over the past month he's held eight separate meetings of his war council. meetings that have already lasted 24 hours. slow but a deliberate process behind closed doors. >> private views are coming now public. a memo from america's ambassador to kabul. carl iken barry warns the president not to send more troops without progress by the afghan government in handling corruption, more proof that the president's advisors are split. >> his cabinet is divided. it's taken him a long time to come to this decision and tchaurg time the war -- democrats and those on the left. >>
Nov 25, 2009 7:00am EST
conclude that operations against rebels in condo have failed. a defining partnership with india, obama looks to events since his inauguration. two million pilgrims converged in mecca. the campaign to get tourists in sicily to spend the money in crime-free places. it is 7:00 a.m. in washington. the democratic republic of congo -- the most united nations peacekeeping operations have failed to deal with the ongoing crisis. an internal report leaks to the bbc that a major operation supported by the un has not only failed to ask the group, but has made the crisis far worse. peter has just returned from the region. >> the eastern democratic republic of congo is not supposed to look like this anymore. earlier this year the military with the backing of peacekeepers from the un had an offensive to crush rebels and calmed the region. instead eight agencies say tt it has led to more miserable camps, more rape and suffering than ever before. >> we have nothing left says one former. when there is gunfire you do not have time to take your belongings. >> now according to an internal u.n. report the m
FOX News
Nov 15, 2009 10:00am EST
headquarters, gitmo and the corn field, could bring terrorist trials to downtown chicago and the obama administration considering transferring them to the thompson correctional facility and it is 160 miles west of the windy city and could be the new home for about 100 gitmo terror suspects and the idea already sparking a big potential battle in congress. caroline shivley live in washington with the latest on this, caroline, good morning. how would this work if the federal government bought the prison from the state and put the gitmo detainees in it? >> reporter: the state of illinois would sell thompson correctional facility to the federal bureau of preference and they'd turn it into a super max prison with a portion of it to house, 100 guantanamo bay detainees and the rest of the facility would be used for federal inmates and an administration official tells fox no decision is made yet but it is definitely an option, eric. >> eric: local illinois officials are for the plan. including the governor. why do they support it? >> reporter: well, it sounds like this money, mainly. and it is
Nov 18, 2009 12:35pm EST
>> rose: welcome to the broadcast. president obama leaves china tomorrow. we have an assessment of the visit with nick burns, former diplomat jim fallows of the atlantic monthly and elizabeth tack 'nammy of the council on foreign relations. >> the chinese do not like to be isolated. particularly in a power growinging. when we were able to isolate the chinese and get other powers to come along with us, the chinese were more inclined to cooperate. they didn't want to stick out. and the question of iran right now they are not pulling their weight. the russians have their own problems but at least the russians are talking a better game. >> their mantra through the last 50 years has been non-interference as the bedrock of their foreign policy which is very convenient for them to have but they're getting too large technologically to get away from that. >> their focus is as nick was saying on developing their economy and things to get in the way of that. and they want to retain the ability to decide what kind of obligation they're going to assume and they don't like having all the pres
Nov 26, 2009 7:00am EST
there as the discussion here domestically continues as to whether president obama send more troops and whether our allies will contribute more. is that something discussed on the ground there? guest: probably among soldiers, but among afghans it is probably a much smaller group who pay attention to the smaller, finer points of american policy. soldiers have a sense depending on the area they are patrolling, whether or not they have enough people working with them. that is something that is talked about. really, in their day-to-day life in afghanistan a lot of people are not so involved in the particulars of this decision. host: there is also news about the karzai government and its efforts moving forward. have you seen any change on the ground there groundkarzai last week put forth his principles for this administration going forward? guest: not much concretely. there have been quite a few announcement by the prosecutor's office. but when it comes to whether there will be charges, under investigation for corruption had -- whether there will be charges will be quite a take and the president's office denie
Nov 28, 2009 9:00am EST
most emphatically include 2008. running against john mccain, barack obama captured 78 percent of the jewish vote, which was come and get a load of these numbers, which was 25 points higher than the 53% he scored with electorate as a whole, 35 points higher than the pro-obama whitecoat in general, even if 11 points higher than his hispanic vote, broken down the religion, the jewish vote for obama was 33 points higher than the protestant vote for him, and 24 points higher than the catholic vote he got. only with blacks who gave him 95 percent of their votes did obama do better than he did with the jews. and so it continues to go with the liberal agenda. on the old economic and political issues like government spending, benefits for the poor and organized labor, as well as on the newer issues that form the battlefield of the culture war, abortion, gay marriage, school prayer, assisted suicide, gun control and so on, the polls consistently showed huge gaps in support, huge gaps between jews and all other americans, including conservative americans. which brings me finally -- excus
Nov 20, 2009 7:00pm EST
it. health care leaves the senate station. the top of the show tonight. >>> plus president obama has his chin out on just about every hot issue out there. health care, terror trials, job losses, even the breast cancer report. he is exposed and vulnerable. liz positively numbers are dropping. is he just too darned intellectual? too much the egg head? why did he bow to that japanese emperor? why did he pick tim geithner to be his economic front man? why all of this dithering over afghanistan? and who thought it was a wonderful idea to bring the killers 9/11 to new york city? the media capital of the world to tell their story? is obama channeling adlai stevenson? and 46 years after the jfk assassination, sunday is the anniversary. we are still learning fascinating details in the frantic hours after the shooting. the author of a new book on the kennedy assassination joins us tonight. don't miss it. also for someone who claims she is forsaken vengeance, sarah palin was pretty vengeful in an interview with the christian broadcasting network? is she irish? bigger question. is she qualified
Nov 29, 2009 10:30am EST
the job. >> after months of deliberation and debate, president obama to announce a new strategy with more troops. >> i think it's a mistake. >> will his new approach contain al qaeda? can obama convince congress and the country to support this war? those questions this morning for our headliners. lindsey graham who supports more troops. and bernie sanders. >>> then the white house crashers. will they pay a price or get rich quick? george will, cokie roberts, matthew dowd, paul krug man and dan senor and as always, the sunday funnies. >> the last time someone got into the white house who didn't belong, they stayed there eight years. >>> tuesday night the president travels to west point to announce his new strategy and more troops for afghanistan. now the cad ets are likely to be a receptive audience. but will the country rally behind the new strategy? and will congress come up with the cash to pay for it? >>> but with begin with two key senators, lindsey graham and bernie sanders. gentlemen, welcome both. senator sands are, le me begin with you. we have seen the details of this strategy le
Nov 25, 2009 4:00pm EST
you to set your tv sets, because we know exactly when president obama is going to announce his strategy decision for afghanistan, and there's only one remaining question. how many more u.s. troops are going to go to war? well, this guessing game is under way, but we do have a few things that we do know. there are 68,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan right now, and a defense official who is in the know says the pentagon expects orders to send another 34,000 troops which actually means more than 102,000 american troops could be fighting this war. now whether or not this equation is accurate, well, that's going to be revealed in the next couple of days by the president, but i want to go straight to our cnn white house correspondent dan lothian. obviously, dan, this is a decision that he has made. we're hearing all kinds of things about the troop levels. what is he going to lay out for the american people in the days ahead? >> reporter: first of all, as you know, this is highly anticipated, and it been circulating for days that this announcement would be made soon. now the white house
Nov 3, 2009 5:30pm EST
brothers. in a very early test of president barack obama's political poll, two u.s. state are choosing to stay in blue, democrats that is. for more on that, we go to our special correspondent who is in washington. >> with two big races to watch tonight, virginia and new jersey where voters are choosing their governors. i am joined by a senior editor of this is a referendum of barack obama's popularity. >> and that is right. republicans are trying to point to specific areas of the country where barack obama did very well in 2008. there are a couple of governorships out there. these are all areas where barack obama did very well. if republicans take the vote, they could say this is a repudiation of the president's policy. >> unemployment is still up and people are still worried about when the economy is going to come back. >> president obama is -- has personally always been more popular than his policies. he is very well liked domestically just like he is abroad, but when you get down to his policies, he is not quite as popular. >> what kind of republican party is it? we se
Nov 4, 2009 5:30pm EST
a few months ago. >> one year into his presidency, the honeymoon appears to be over for barack obama. the republican party has claimed victories in the states of new jersey and virginia. republicans are talking about a comeback could double this change the shape of the -- republicans are talking about a comeback. could this change the shape of politics? how important is this for barack obama and the democrats? >> the republicans are saying that this is a slap against the government in washington. critics say that this was about local issues. this was not about barack obama and his style of government. i think that the democrats and mr. obama have to be worried about some things that we learned in the exit polls. a lot of independent voters who helped propel barack obama went to the right. when they came out of the polling stations, they cited the massive growth in government spending, the deficit, the economy. they are going towards the conservative vote. also, a lot of young voters that came out in strength in 2008 were simply not there when you look at virginia and new jersey. >> t
Nov 3, 2009 6:30pm EST
branch to is taliban brothers. in an early test of president barack obama's political pull, two states are choosing whether to stay blue, a democrat, that is. elsewhere, they are selecting congressman. our correspondent is in washington. >> the two big raids to what are in virginia and new jersey, where people are choosing their governors. there are face-off around the country. we are joined by the senior editor of this is a referendum on barack obama's popularity, as some say. republicans are feeling optimistic. >> republicans are trying to point to specific areas of the country where barack obama did very well in 2008 and say, we will win here. there are a couple of governorships out there, a prominent cgressional race, these are areas where barack obama did very well. if republicans take the vote, they can say this is a repudiation of the president's policies. >> it is partly because of economic things coming into play. unemployment, people are still worried about when the economy will bounce back. >> we have an interesting dynamic. president obama was personally more
Nov 25, 2009 6:30pm EST
for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> president obama will go to the climate change conference in copenhagen with a promise to cut greenhouse gas emissions. israel proposed temporary restrictions on expanding jewish settlements, but they did not apply to east jerusalem. iraq inquiry days before the invasion. new intelligence raises doubts about saddam hussein's weapons program. very warm welcome to "bbc world news", broadcast our viewers on pbs in america and also on the globe. coming up later for you, recession and is meet the workers free training for the new job market. >> my husband and i decided to look at it like this is an opportunity. when in your life do you get to really choose what career path you are following? >> and standing up to the godfather. the island of sicily launch as anti-mafia package holidays. hello to you. he will go briefly to the copenhagen climate summit, and today, president obama announced the commitments on greenhouse gases he will take with them. he has pledged to cut american carbon emissions by about 17% by 2020. it reverses the policy of the
Nov 26, 2009 10:00am EST
, political strategists assess the new obama administration as he nears his first year in office. friday, for the first time in british history, parliament opens its chambers to non-mp's as they debate in the house of commons. former new york times reporter at what has to his plagiarism. a look back to the cuban missile crisis, as well. also, have world threats been over-the post cold war world. sunday, two programs on democracy and the internet, including the university of virginia powell on how the political process has been affected by the internet. the facebook founder will talk about how networking is changing the political process. this holiday weekend on c-span. >> thanksgiving week and on c- span, american icons, three nights of cspan original documentaries on the iconic homes of the three branches of american government beginning tonight at 8:00, eastern part of the supreme court reveals the building through the eyes of supreme court justices. friday at 8:00 p.m., the white house, inside america's most famous home, be on the bill that ropes. will show the grand public places as
Nov 4, 2009 6:00pm EST
. >> reporter: one year after the voters of new jersey and virginia helped elect barack obama president, they reversed course last night, handing their states' top jobs to republicans. national g.o.p. chairman michael steele said today his party has found its voice again. >> as recently as a couple of >> the republican renaissance has begun. it has begun in earnest, in which we put our faith in the hopes and dreams of the american people to rebuild our economy from the bottom up, not the big deficit spending plans and policies of the politicians in washington or our state capitals. >> reporter: virginia republicans, including former attorney general bob mcdonnell, swept the night-- mcdonnell by a nearly 20-point margin over democratic state senator creigh deeds. >> eight months ago, i applied for the job of governor of virginia. tonight, you have hired me. thank you! ( applause ) >> reporter: president obama campaigned repeatedly for both deeds in virginia and new jersey governor jon corzine, but it wasn't enough to sway independent voters, especially in virginia. still, white house spo
Nov 20, 2009 7:00pm EST
in brussels urged iran to reconsider, and hence the talk by president obama and others this week about the possibility of new sanctions. what kind of measures and when, that is our "lead focus" tonight. weeks after iran disclosed the existence of this once-secret nuclear facility near the holy city of qom, in brussels today representatives of the world's major powers pressed iran to accept a plan to curb its nuclear ambitions. the six countries released this statement -- we urge iran to reconsider the opportunity offered by this agreement and to engage with us in dialogue and negotiations. on wednesday, iran appeared to reject an international proposal that would require it to ship uranium overseas. the idea is to ensure that iran is using uranium for peaceful purposes. yesterday, president obama issued this warning -- >> we have begun discussions with our international partners about the importance of having consequences that the dual track approach requires iran to get a clear message, that when it fails to take advantage of these opportunities, that in fact, it is not making itself
FOX News
Nov 30, 2009 5:00pm EST
. this part, this gap, that's debt, $1 trillion. this line, this was bush -- this is obama. it's both of them. i mean, this is the opposite of putting on the brakes. government spending is increasing. it's set to increase next year again. our public debt today is $12 trillion. by 2018, it is projected to be over $24 trillion. that's according to white and that's if everything goes well. $24 trillion! well, i want you to know, since i brought this up, and i dare talk about accountability, of course, i'm going to be ridiculed by those in power and everybody who repeats these things. oh, please! oh, if you're concerned about spending policies, well, you're concerned about big government saying they're spending like mad men? well, i want you to know if you say those things and believe those things you're in good company because people have said the spending in washington was going to kill us for an awful long time. i want to show you this cartoon. i don't know if you have seen this. here is a cartoon, a wagon is going. here is all the politicians up here, and all of the professors
Nov 23, 2009 7:00pm EST
secretaries will debate on the show. >>> plus, what's the real cost of obama care? and more importantly, how do we pay for it? republican senator kit vaughn will weigh in the next 60 minutes. >>> and the emerging rift between democrats on how to get america back to work. the question is, can we afford another job spill? fasten your seatbelts. "the kudlow report" starts right no now. >>> good evening. i'm simon hobs. larry kudlow has the night off. not one but two fed presidents leave the market no doubt america's central bangles will be the last to tighten the policy stocks rally 132 points to close at a high for 2009. gold is higher with another record. and that is while existing homes sell at the fastest rate in over two years. here's the rundown on today's market action. scott has a full report. >> reporter: it was the dollar driving the direction of gold. at one point at 11.70 an ounce. it pulled back a bit but all of the metals on the back of the weak dollar had a stellar day. silver, platinum and copper hitting new highs today. other commodities doing quite pell as well. oil and energy
Nov 22, 2009 9:00am EST
on president obama's strategy for afghanistan. we'll tackle these issues and more with these key senators, republicans lamar alexander and kit bond and democrats debbie stabenow and arlen specter. then, mixed signals about cancer screening for women. we'll get some straight talk from dr. bernadine healy, former head of the national institutes of health. plus, anger grows in both parties over the administration's handling of the economy and unemployment. we'll ask our sunday panel what the president should do next. and our power player of the week. one of the generals in the gop's civil war. all right now on "fox news sunday." hello again from fox news in washington. well, on saturday night the senate voted along party lines 60-39 to bring the democratic health care reform plan to the floor for weeks of debate. now the tough part begins. actually passing a bill. we're joined by four senate leaders. welcome back, all of you, to "fox news sunday." let's get right to it. senator alexander, now that the democrats' plan is on the senate floor, what is your plan to beat it? will you try to fix t
Nov 12, 2009 7:00pm EST
widespread corruption. reports of classified cles sent from eikenrry to esident obama were splashed across e front pages of major newspapers today. t ambassador's advice seemed to be reflected in ahite house statemt issued last night. it read: "afteyears of substantial investments bthe american peoe, governance in afghanistan musimprove in a reasonable piod of time." news accountsaid four propols were on the table thursday as the prident met again with his nationasecurity team. today however, defee secretary robert gates nfirmed mr. obama wanted something different. e option was to add 30,000 o more troops to take on the taliban in targeted, keareas. the otr three ranged from a small influx of forces to th 4000 general mcchrystal has asked r. the eventsn the u.s. could add to the pressure on ahan presint hamid karzai, after his default re-eltion earlier this mont secretary of state hillary clinn underscored that point today, during a stopn the ilippines. >> we're lookg to president karzaias he forms a new government, to takaction that will demonstrate-- n to the internional community-- but f
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